Founded in 2010, the Refugee Reintegration Institute, popularly known as ADUS, is a Public Interest Civil Society Organization that helps refugees and other foreigners living in São Paulo who are victims of forced migration, to reduce the barriers to their effective reintegration into society.

To put our mission into practice, Adus offers Portuguese language classes, professional qualification courses, psychological support, entry into the job market, entrepreneurship training and preparation, and cultural actions. We’ve also set up a language school (the ConectAdus Project), in which refugees teach English, French and Arabic, and also a cooking project (called Sabores & Lembranças - Tastes & Memories), in which they hold cooking workshops and perform catering services.

We serve around 500 people every month. These people are refugees of over 50 nationalities, mostly coming from Syria, Congo, Palestine, Angola, and Colombia.



To work in partnership with refugee applicants, refugees, and people in an analogous situation to refugees, for their reintegration into society, aiming to promote social, economic and cultural inclusion and appreciation.


To overcome barriers to reintegrate refugees into society, in such a way that they have autonomy and the necessary tools to seek their own inclusion into society.


Empowerment, Commitment, Humanism, Participation, Equality, Transparency, and Ethics.



To promote the social, economic, and cultural inclusion of the people we serve into Brazilian society.

To promote the inclusion of the people we serve into Brazilian society by offering complete, effective guidance, with which they can become self-sufficient to find opportunities and move on with their lives.

To face political, social, and legal barriers to the reintegration of refugees, so that they can seek their own inclusion into society.


Marcelo Haydu

Adus has become something far greater than my own ambitions. When we first started to devise the project, I was unemployed and had just had a newborn daughter, but that idea had to become something real. My motivation is to see people’s lives getting better. It’s a never-ending task, because while a refugee’s situation improves, many other refugees arrive in Brazil.

Victor Mellão

Adus has arisen from a necessity that has been real for a long time and was becoming more and more latent. With a welcoming approach, the Institute has been having positive impacts on the lives of hundreds of refugees, creating a healthy and promising environment for their integration in Brazil.

Andrea Piccini

Adus has been overcoming barriers since our foundation. I see the Institute’s creation as a social contribution and I hope the enterprise will live on forever through our accomplishments and through what we have made possible in the lives of so many refugees.