Project data sheet

To promote the necessary conditions for refugees to speak, read, and write enough Portuguese to be able to have better conditions, so as to integrate with the local society.

  • To offer modular Portuguese language courses that take the reality of the people we serve into account, at appropriate hours, with more classes and openings.
  • To facilitate the teaching and learning process of the Portuguese language through refugees’ active participation.
  • To raise awareness about the importance of learning Portuguese among the people we serve.
  • To organize a teacher training course.
  • To implement Portuguese language classes for the people we serve.
  • To elaborate learning material dedicated to the learning of Portuguese by the people we serve.
  • To implement drop-in tutoring.
  • To train refugees to become tutors.
  • To provide guidance on the importance of learning Portuguese.
  • To have qualified teachers to conduct classes.
  • To enable the people we serve to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • To improve course quality; To adapt materials to the reality of the people we serve.
  • To effectively engage refugees in Adus’ actions; To improve communication with beginner students and cherish participation.
  • To reduce course dropout and increase graduation rates.
  • To further prepare the people we serve for the job market.

Class Location

Adus Avenida São João, 313, 11º Andar – Centro CEP 01035-000 – São Paulo – SP


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