Although the Brazilian government has somewhat got involved in the refugee situation and a political movement regarding refugee needs is being built, many problems still need to be solved. Lack of effective policies that seek to resettle refugees into the workplace and the need for more refugee support centres in Brazil are just two examples that a lot more needs to be done in order to fully integrate refugees into the Brazilian society.

Therefore, with regard to pursuing its mission, the activities performed by Adus (Brazilian Refugee Resettlement Reintegration Institute) are focused on six key areas, each one of them with specific projects: Portuguese Teaching, Work and Income, Social Facilitator, and Mental Health.

Portuguese Teaching

This project has the objective of teaching refugees how to speak, read and write in Portuguese at least at a basic level, creating better conditions for them to be resettled back into society.

Work and Income

This project assists refugees with re-entering the job market, helping them become autonomous and capable of rebuilding their lives independently.

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