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About the Wiki Adus Project

The Adus Institute - an initiative of the civil society to assist refugees in their reintegration process in society - has created a collaborative platform with the intention of gathering volunteers in the mission to inform and orient refugees seeking for a new life in Brazil.

The Wiki Adus platform of Information for Refugees is part of the Informadus Project and is based on the premise that people arriving as a refugee are proactive, independent and articulate individuals - and that, when well informed, they can find and follow their own path. It is focusing on helping them to find that path, that is, the path towards social reintegration, that the access to information is a priority of the Adus Institute.

The platform was created based on the Media Wiki tool that greatly facilitates the editing of content and allows engaging a large number of volunteers, so that anyone who has an interest can help to share more information. This initiative aims to be a space for communication between refugees and a network of supporters of refuge, so that organizations and individuals who work within the cause can exchange information and provide always an increasingly better and effective welcoming for the population of refugees who seek asylum in Brazil.


This project is only possible thanks to the dedication of our former and current volunteers:

Adelaide Caillaud

Alexandra Almeida

Aline Bammann

Aparecida Alves Damasco

Arnaldo Barbosa

Arthur Catraio

Beatriz Mazzini

Bianca Bueno

Camila Fassarella

Camila Issa

Carla Carderelli Minozzo

Carla Mustafa

Carolina Teixeira

Cibele Campos Rodrigues

Eduardo Dicarte

Ferde Shan

Fernanda Cassiano

Fernando Gonçalves

Fernando Guarize     

Fernando Sanches

Gabriela Nunes

Iris Crusca

Isabel Braga

Isabela Vieira Bertho

Isadora Steffens

Izabelle Cordeiro

J B Houriez

Jessica Benvenutti

João Castanheira

Katia Monica Verdim Eggert Santos

Kelly Alves

Lais Sarmento

Larissa da Silva

Louise Ferre

Luciana Steckel

Marcella Daher

Marcia Ruiz

Marina de Souza Vidal

Marina Santos

Maura Costa Cimini

Mayara Cunha

Michelle Rakue

Pablo Bertho

Paloma Gadelha

Paula Caldeiram

Rafael Franco Costa

Rafael Turbiani

Sebastián Ronderos

Sidarta Martins

Tatiana Jo

Thassia Araujo

Vanessa Santos

Vanessa Tarantini

Vivian Leinz