Project data sheet

To aid the inclusion of the people we serve in the job market, helping them become self-sufficient and capable of rebuilding their lives in an autonomous and independent way.

  • To catalyze the hiring of the people we serve through mediation between the interested party and the business community.
  • To inform on and increase awareness of the refugee matter in Brazil among the business community, aiming to reduce cases of discrimination and the fear of hiring refugees.
  • To prepare the people we serve for the job market.
  • To professionally qualify the people we serve for the job market.
  • To register the CVs of the people we serve.
  • To prospect openings and partnerships.
  • To connect CVs and openings.
  • To increase awareness of the refugee matter among the Brazilian business community through meetings and lectures.
  • To hold regular lectures about relevant topics.
  • To implement professional qualification courses, especially in IT.
  • To reach out permanently and systematically to refugees, becoming a landmark among refugees who are seeking a job; to facilitate the work of other activities from the Work and Income Project.
  • To have a steady and ever-growing hiring flow; to establish institutional partnerships.
  • To refer people who are interested in openings with individualized assistance; to monitor selection process results; to evaluate the companies’ and hired refugees’ satisfaction with each other; to make sure employee rights are respected.
  • To promote a more open-minded business community regarding hiring refugees; to eliminate deep-rooted prejudices; to better understand the refugee matter and the legal situation of refugees; to simplify formal demands for hiring (documentation).
  • To further prepare the people we serve for job openings and interviews.

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